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How It Works? | Swisspro

How It Works? | Swisspro


Efficiency of 3-Step Filtration System

Note: All tests conducted by Swisspro are based on a selection of micro-organisms/chemicals which are representative of real water conditions.
Download more details of our Testing History Here
Type of Particle Removed Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Polypropylene prefilter (5 Micron)
  1. Extruded activated carbon block (1 Micron in size)
  2. Zeolite*, incorporated in activated carbon block
Silver incorporated ceramic filter (0.2 Micron)

Type of Pathogens Suspended solids, rust, sand, bigger particles Chemicals, odor, taste, chlorine and carcinogenic* byproducts, organic compounds ,pesticides , herbicides (THM Trihalogen Methans)
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Microorganisms all pathogenic* bacteria & cysts
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Detailed Listing of particles
Zeolite removes heavy metals & inorganic compounds
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* Zeolite is a natural, biodegradable porous raw material with any application widely used for water filtration.
* Pathogenic – Capable of producing disease
* Carcinogenic – Any substance or agent that tends to produce cancer



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IQ Net Association

Water Quality Association


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Instituta Nacional de Higiene y Medicina Tropical, Guayaquil, Ecuador

comparison of drinking water tecnology

Comparison of Drinking Water Technology

Functions and Characteristics Swisspro Ultraviolet Systems Reverse Osmosis Distillation Systems Jug/Pitchers Filters

Removes harmful bacteria
Retains water essential minerals
Instant filtration, pressure tank not required
No waste /discharge of water during usage
No electricity/power needed
Lowest running cost per liter

swisspro water treatment swiss made

Why Swisspro Filtered Water?

Uncompromised drinking water directly from your tap every day with the Swiss Made filtration system that removes all harmful impurities without eliminating water essential minerals.

Swiss Made Technology

Swiss Made unique 0.2 micron ceramic eliminating all harmful cysts and bacteria.

Safe To Drink

Removes > 99.99% microorganism with the silver ion incorporated ceramic that sterilize presence of any bacteria.

Eco Friendly

Its essential components are made of natural and biodegradable ingredients.


Long lasting and reuseable filters that last up to 50,000 litres/3 yrs*

No Boiling & Energy Saving

No boiling & no electricity required. Energy & cost saving.

Health Benefits

Removes chlorine and heavy metals effectively as well as health-threatening by-products in tap water. US studies show that consuming chlorine free water reduces the risk of cancer.

Quality Certified

Water filtration system are worldwide tested and certified from recognized institutions.

Retains Essential Minerals

Healthy beneficial minerals (for example, calcium and magnesium) are retained and therefore contribute to the natural taste of water